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  • Skill and item variety – Strong music
  • Small pool of maps compared to other games

S4 League is a stylish fast paced shooter with sci-fi and MMO elements at the heart of the game. With a catchy techno soundtrack it offers a less tactical approach to the genre where you can jump into a game and instantly be in the thick of action.


The focus of S4 League is definitely on variety, while there are only around a dozen maps the wealth of items and game modes more than makes up for the limited map variety. In addition to traditional deathmatch you’ll be able to join a wide range of unique modes such as touchdown which has you fighting over a fumbi and attempting to bring it your goal located in the enemy base.

Other popular game modes include captain mode where you must eliminate key targets on the enemy team, siege mode that requires you to overrun enemy bases and conquest mode that has you defending a cube from monster waves. If you’re not one to dabble in multiple game modes though then you might find S4 League a little low on variety as it relies heavily on its various game modes to offer a change of pace.

For every match and side mission you complete (such as achieving a certain number of kills) you’ll get experience. While levels don’t have a direct impact on the game and give you an unfair advantage they do allow you to get bonuses to your PEN earning rate (in game currency) which is used to purchase all game items.


Items range from skills to weapons and clothing with many of these having a time limit attached to them. While a common theme in free to play MMO shooters S4 League is a bit more lenient than most by having this time limit on actual game time rather than raw hours. S4 League also prevents buyers remorse by letting you get your hands on each weapon for a few hours to test it out after completing a simple tutorial for that gun.

The wealth of game modes and overall pace of S4 League is why it’s been able to survive in a competitive online environment for a number of years. If you want to blast enemies with a good selection of weapons and skills while listening to some crazy tunes S4 League is worth a try.


  • Sci-fi themed shooter.
  • Great range of game modes with several unique options.
  • Gain experience and earn in game currency to purchase items.
  • Customise your characters look and load out.
  • Blast enemies while you listen to an intense soundtrack.



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