Salt and Sanctuary

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  • Dark atmosphere – Class options and customisation – Great use of Soul-like mechanics
  • A small number of bosses lack counterplay – Some platforming inconsistencies

Converting the Dark Souls formula into the fabulous world of 2D is Salt and Sanctuary a title for both console and PC gamers. With several classes to maser (including the interesting chef) you’ll have plenty of tools to dispose of the darkness.


After customising your ideal character visual features from a reasonable offering and choosing said class with their own unique looks, styles and starting items you’ll be thrown into the 2D adventure that awaits. For future playthroughs players can also activate imposed challenges with things like hardcore mode, no healing, no blocking and other difficult settings.

The world you find yourself in has been at war for a long time but now finds itself nearing a peace deal via a marriage alliance across the seas. Of course things do not go as planned and you find yourself facing off against just the first of many bosses before washing up upon the shore.

From the shore your quest begins as characters come to grips with both their current predicament and the mechanics of the game. This includes the dual currency system of gold and salt, sanctuaries, healing flasks and the expansive skill tree which lets you build a very customisable character by spending your black pearls within the skill web. For those familiar with the formula of game now popularised by Dark Souls many of these game elements will instantly be relatable in terms of their design.

The RPG elements are definitely strong in Salt and Sanctuary with countless items to compare between each other, various weapons for melee and ranged combat, large skill web and 6 character stats. Salt and Sanctuary does particularly well of putting players to difficult decisions and making trade-offs in their choice of path and equipment and then playing true to their setup.


Despite the 2D approach the game does an impressive job of creating a dark atmosphere, making combat engaging and offering great difficultly thanks to good level and boss designs.

For dark adventurers that can’t get enough of brutal games with plenty of depth to explore Salt and Sanctuary should no doubt be added to your list.


  • A dark 2D adventure revolving around salt and sanctuaries.
  • Master one of the 8 available classes.
  • Explore the depths of the skill web to customise your class.
  • Tackle difficult boss battles and practice your strategy.
  • Enjoy a Soul’s like message system.



Review Platform: PC

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