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  • Graphics – Music – Variety of activities to pursue
  • Little innovation to the genre

Shadowbound borrows a page out of Wartune’s books to deliver a simple story driven adventure in your browser. With colourful graphics bringing the fantasy world to life, Shadowbound’s take on this growing sub-genre of MMO is sure to impress.


The strength of the game definitely lies within the activities and game modes that are available. You’ll find all sorts of varied combat, events, battle types, fleshed out customisation systems and even an impressive 8v8 arena to test your character against others. With all of this gameplay ranging from PvE, PvP and even co-operative there isn’t any shortage of potential.

Shadowbound offers you the choice of three classes (mage, warrior and hunter). There’s little in the way of innovation in this department choosing to stick to three core archetypes that you would have seen countless times before. While the skills for each class all look spectacular and have good variety to them some additional classes could definitely have boosted the longevity in Shadowbound by a few points.

In addition to your primary character players can recruit mercenaries to beef up your party with all sorts of different classes to add some additional strategy to the game for those that want to carefully analyse numbers to create the perfect team. It’s just as easy to throw a team together of your favourite characters and still have success though allowing both the casual and hardcore players to succeed.


These mercenaries (and later on powerful guardians) that you add to your team will independently gain experience allowing you to develop their skills as you see fit for your team. Along the way you’ll also be able to improve your equipment and even gain access to mounts which you’ll need to tackle the challenging bosses in the large PvE dungeons.

Shadowbound might not do much innovating to the Wartune’s formula but it is a solid offering in the browser MMO space that is sure to entertain.


  • A browser based game that sticks closely to the Wartune formula.
  • Develop a character from one of the three classes.
  • Recruit mercenaries and guardians to your team and develop them over time.
  • Take on bosses in the large PvE dungeons.
  • Challenge other players to PvP in the arena.



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  1. Shadowbound is an 6 out of 10 in my eyes. i have played R2 games for awhile and if you have played one, you pretty much have played all of them. Each one maybe different but same concept. There is a lot of events for paid players to advance more fast than free players that creates a major divide between the 2. A player can pass you in Battle rating by just spending money and never look back. The 8v8 area where players go to fight is pretty much a paid player award system to can shards and kills. Heavy paid players will go there to kill low ranking players that eventually just leave. The servers are becoming low on players as most of R2 games become overtime.
    If you are willing to pay major money to play to get ahead, this is the game. But remember, you can never get ahead as the cost of items is a chance based. For non paying players, i would stick with farmville, as most will leave over a short time.


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