Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms

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  • Great level designs – Switch between realms – Quests that pose moral choices
  • Story lacks development – Loot is lacking – Feels slow

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is a dark isometric action RPG with unique boss battles, a very dark atmosphere and the ability to switch characters on the fly.


The game explores a world in a current state of uneasy peace with a history of tyrants and bloody rebellions scarring the land. Tensions are once again high between the inhabitants of the game world and a scramble for power will once again bring the kingdoms to their knees.

Unlike other games where you’ll be stepping into the boots of a hero, Shadows: Hectic Kingdoms instead has you playing the role of the Devourer, a powerful demon with the ability to travel between the human and shadow worlds. Playing as the Devourer also grants players the ability to consume the souls of their enemies which makes them playable in the living world.

The devour system lets players have up to three party members join their adventure for a total of 4 different characters under the players control. While only one can be active at a time this allows players more strategic depth and keeps the experience fresh from start to end. With just over a dozen characters available the variety ensures everyone will have a favourite hack and slash warrior, mage or rogue archetype from the list of options.

Freedom of choice doesn’t end at the party system either with players also given freedom over how the storyline develops throughout the main plot. With moral dilemmas built into most of the quests it’s up to the player if they want to help the world avoid darkness or push it further towards it.


The most unique feature of Shadows: Heretics Kingdoms though is the ability to switch between the world of the living and the dead (where you’ll return to your true form). While both of these worlds have their own monsters that threaten the player each world offers its own quests and secrets which does encourage exploration in what is usually a fairly linear genre.

The dark nature of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, ability to craft your team and drive the story make it attractive to fans of action RPGs although the slower pacing compared to similar games might throw a few people off.


  • A dark and gritty game setting.
  • Drive the story as you complete quests.
  • Develop a party of 4 characters and swap between them at will.
  • Discover the secrets in the world of the living and the dead.
  • Impressive map and creature design.



Review Platform: PC

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