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  • Classic in the genre – Easy to learn but always enjoyable
  • Age does show throughout the adventure

Shining Force launched in 1992 as one of the original fantasy themed tactical role playing games. With recent releases for iOS devices and PC port now available the game has received a breath of new life that makes the game accessible to a whole new generation of gamers.


Set in the Kingdom of Guardiana players will take on the role of Max the hero as they embark on a journey to prevent the evil Kane and his hordes from resurrecting the Dark Dragon and consuming the mythical kingdom in darkness. Along the way Max will recruit other allies with their own powers as he creates the Shining Force, a party of adventurers that vow to prevent Kane from creating chaos.

Shining Force is the definition of tactical role playing game and as one of the earlier games in the genre doesn’t venture too far outside the guidelines of the genre. For the most part players are free to explore the wealth of content that the game world has which includes talking to the NPCs, finding treasures, purchasing items or equipment and general exploration.

When players do encounter an enemy in the game world you’ll move to the battle screen which are set on a square grid where units will each occupy a single square. Objectives in battles are generally straight forward from killing all enemies, taking out their leader or advance to a certain map point.


From here players will take turns moving units around the game grid, issue attacks, cast spells, explore the map or use an item from their inventory. Each of your units is unique and belongs to a certain class which defines their skills, stats and available equipment in typical RPG style. Of course this means there is also plenty of experience to be gained as you enhance your team throughout the adventure.

If you weren’t around to experience Shining Force during its original release the new PC and iOS port now presents the perfect opportunity to experience this classic.


  • A classic fantasy tactical RPG now revived for iOS and PC.
  • Explore the world, find treasures and purchase equipment for your army.
  • Develop a team of unique warriors to defeat Kane.
  • A dark fantasy story with countless characters.
  • One of the original tactical games.



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