Sleep Attack TD

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  • Unique rotation mechanic – Great for tower defence veterans
  • Not suited for new tower defence players

In recent years the tower defence genre has found new life thanks to the growing market for mobile games (for which tower defence games are perfectly suited). Sleep Attack TD aims to capitalise on this trend by offering something for the veterans of the genre that want something that will use a little more brain power.


The core mechanics of tower defence are still there in Sleep Attack TD, players will face wave of enemies that have different speeds and health while projecting their sleeping giant from attack. Your only line of defence is the ability to place and upgrade a variety of towers.

What separates Sleep Attack from other tower defence variations is the ability to rotate the game world which changes the paths available to your enemies. With very limited placements for tower placement the key to success is correctly rotating the game area to force your enemies along the most dangerous path. With multiple parts of the playing field available for rotation and many enemy paths the game quickly becomes one of the most complex tower defence games available.

While the first world won’t put up much of a challenge for players the games difficulty quickly ramps up and will force you to think differently about your approach in order to have success. Sleep Attack TD demands mastery of tower placement, tower upgrades and map rotation if you’re going to succeed.


The strategies available are also quite varied thanks to the nine towers available in the game that each have their strengths and weaknesses in different scenarios. Players can even cast a handful of spells to save them at the last minute.

Sleep Attack TDs twist on the tower defence genre makes it the perfect experience for any veterans of the genre and is sure to entertain and test your strategy skills.


  • Unique game board twisting mechanic.
  • Large enemy variety requires you to adjust your tactics.
  • Boss enemies with special abilities for added difficulty
  • Half a dozen worlds to defeat.
  • Play on Android, iOS or via Steam.



Review Platform: Android

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