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  • Unique social development system – Lots of activities – Browser based
  • Needs more development time

SocioTown is a free to play massively multiplayer online experience that can be played within your browser. If you want a social orientated experience that you can start playing in less than a minute with no setup then you might be interested in what SocioTown has to offer.


The game has been designed with a teenage audience in mind and is recommended for players above 13 years of age.

The game is very impressive for a browser based game and is fully persistent so the game continues to change and grow even while logged off. It’s easy to get lost in SocioTown as the experience is very immersive, you’ll explore a large virtual world, chat to other players and add to the world around you.

SocioTown offers a huge number of activities and missions which will help you move up the social ladder as you gain experience and level up. As you level up you will also open up access to the high level areas of the game world which gives you incentives to grow your character.

These activities include shopping, bug catching, fishing, riding a scooter, sailing, boxing and more so here is no shortage of variety to keep you busy. The task that you’ll spend most of your game time in though is your job.  Jobs must be applied for and if successful players will be able to earn the currency of SoBucks to spend on their apartment or items for their character.


The friend system of SocioTown is one of the more unique features of the game and tries to be a realistic social experience.

For example players that you have not met will have their name hidden, but once they have told you their name it will be revealed for later encounters. As you talk with players more on more their status in your inner circle will change to reflect your new friendship status.


  • Free to play social game.
  • Playable in your browser.
  • Large range of activities to enjoy.
  • Realistic and unique social relationships.
  • Get a job and spend your money on items and an apartment.



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