Soul Sacrifice

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  • Huge number of skills – Plenty of depth – Dark and moody
  • Minimal location variety

Soul Sacrifice is a unique and dark action adventure game for the PlayStation Vita that launched in 2013. In the game players will sacrifice parts of themselves (or items) to unleash powerful and reckless attacks on their enemies.


Soul Sacrifice is definitely not short on story elements and offers more story than most games in the genre. It’s designed in a way that can be easily skipped over but you’re only robbing yourself from a great experience if you choose to do so.

In this dark game world you’ll play as an innocent victim of Magusar, a powerful and evil sorcerer that consumes the lives of humans to give himself eternal life. Just before you come to be sacrificed a talking book by the name of Librom comes to you and decides to help you end the reign of Magusar.

Librom is a book that contains the history of all Magusar’s battles with demons and by using the power of the book you’ll be able to go back in time and experience these fights. By fighting the same fights as Magusar you hope to gain the power and experience that is necessary to defeat him. Depending on your actions players can experience three different endings.

Gameplay in Soul Sacrifice all happens from a third person perspective and offers plenty of customisation depth for players to create their ideal fighter. Players can also choose to tackle much of the game co-operatively with up to four players.


Combat is where the unique mechanics of Soul Sacrifice come to life and while very hard to get your head around originally it ends up being very enjoyable. The main mechanic focuses on the sacrificing or saving of allies, enemies and even your own body parts that each come with their own reward. Carefully considering when to sacrifice or save plays an important tactical role in your success or failure on each mission.

If you want an adventure that looks beyond straight hack and slash gameplay, forcing you to think carefully about your combat decisions then Soul Sacrifice is bound to please.


  • A hack and slash adventure for your PlayStation Vita.
  • Unique and dark story to follow.
  • More tactical approach to combat with saving and sacrificing playing an important role.
  • Four player co-operative game mode available.
  • Three different endings to experience.



Review Platform: PS Vita

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