Space Empires IV

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  • Plenty of depth to explore – Endless details and stats to analyse
  • Older style gameplay won't appeal to everyone – Can be complex for newcomers

Space Empires IV is part of the popular 4X space strategy genre which has players attempting to achieve galactic conquest through turn based gameplay.


Space Empires IV (and the other games in the series) are often compared to the popular Civilization game series with the setting being the main difference between the two games. In Space Empires IV players take control of one of many alien races and attempt to take over the galaxy through raw power or taking the political route to ally with the other races in the game.

Galactic conquest is particularly satisfying in Space Empires IV with some extremely powerful technology at your disposal that even allows you to completely wipe out planets or turn stars into black holes.

Just like many other strategy games players are given plenty of choice which starts with selecting a race. Each race has their own traits, special technology and different playstyle which the player can either use for themselves or have to fight against it if they choose a different race.

Finding suitable planets on your journey to winning the game is half the battle in Space Empires IV with planets of varying sizes, mineral resources, atmosphere and other conditions found throughout the universe. Once a planet is claimed the player can then build various structures to harvest the planet’s resources.


You won’t be walking to these planets though which is where the ships come into play. As the game progresses the level of technology will increase and alter your available ship options as well as more general technologies that will help you manage your race’s settlements. Thanks to the large technology tree in the game there are plenty of trade off decisions to be made and provides enough room for players to tackle the game using completely different technologies.

In the 4X strategy genre the Space Empires series is often given plenty of praise by fans and Space Empires IV in particular is often considered to be the best from the series. It’s complexity won’t appeal to newcomers to the genre though.


  • Continues the popular Space Empires series.
  • A turn based 4X strategy game set across the galaxy.
  • Multiple races each with their unique properties.
  • Claim the best planets for high quality resource production.
  • Crazy amounts of depth in all aspects.



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