Space Funeral

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  • Free – Extremely weird
  • Short

Space Funeral sets a whole new standard in weird gaming with a surreal RPG that mixes horror and the strange into one. The game is free to play and made with RPG Maker.


Follow the adventures of Phillip, a young boy who likes to wear pyjamas and cry who has recently been kicked out of home by his parents. Soon into his adventures he discovers Leg Horse, who is literally a horse like animal made out of only legs. After this encounter players join Leg Horse (as a slave) to seek answers on why it is in existence in the first place.

The world of Space Funeral is extremely dark and eerie with blood, skulls, spikes and strange monsters quickly becoming the norm throughout your adventure. Monsters are equally quirky with various real life inspired creatures like the blood wolf and ground shark but also many seemingly unrecognisable enemies.

Fighting said enemies is done through a separate combat screen that activates when you touch an enemy. This is a simple turn based affair where you’ll command your party members to attack, use skills or items during their turn.

Each character can level up separately and has their own inventory items to give you a sense of battle progress. Players that are diligent with their itemisation will find that most battles are a breeze.


The irony of events isn’t lost on the game world or the NPCs that populate it either, with various meta-fictional encounters that add an extra element to the already wacky journey.

Despite its short nature its hard to fault a free game with this much character, it won’t appeal to everyone because of its level of bizarre though.


  • An eerie adventure in a crazy game world.
  • Join your friend Leg Horse on a wild adventure.
  • Simple turn based combat with levels and equipment.
  • Free to play, offering a few hours of gameplay.
  • Made with RPG Maker.



Review Platform: PC

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