Sparta: War of Empires

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  • Game setting – Quality of presentation – Voice acting
  • Locations for buildings are pre-set

Now you can fight with the Spartans in Sparta: War of Empires, an online real time strategy game that puts you in charge of the army against the Persian forces. Right from the start of the game you’ll be treated to some impressive voice acting and strong visuals that bring this historic civilization to life and puts you in the mood for battle.


Gameplay sticks closely to the MMORTS genre as you collect resources, construct buildings and equip your troops for the battles ahead. Much like other games in the genre it’s a very quest driven experience that will always give you a new objective or achievement to chase.

Starting out with nothing players will have to manage their economic, military and political health to become a powerhouse in the game. From battling enemies in rival lands to negotiating alliances you’re in control of the direction you take in the game.

Your first step in this journey is to create the necessary resource generating buildings to provide a foundation for your growth. These include the farm (grain), forge (bronze) and lumberyard (wood). To boost your resource generating even further players can build and level up special temples for powerful blessings.

While resources are the cornerstone of any civilization you won’t get far without a military behind you which is where buildings like the stables, barracks, hall of heroes and armory come into play. Players can also build wall and towers to defend their lands or ports and academies to encourage trade and research. The huge number of buildings in the game makes it easy to push your city towards your favourite style and the level of detail on each one can quickly transform you’re empty land into a thriving hub of activity.


As you advance your military becomes more and more vital for both defence and offence as you raid rival players and advance your war effort against the Persian army. Battles are automatic and more about preparation, technology and numbers which requires you to make calculated risks before you send your troops out.

As far as the MMORTS genre goes Sparta: War of Empires should be at the top of your list due to its focus on high quality graphics, voice acting and sheer amount of content.


  • Battle with the Spartans against the Persian army.
  • Generate resources and grow an army for battle.
  • Voice acting and strong graphics bring the game to life.
  • Free to play MMORTS.
  • Raid other players or create alliances.



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