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  • Impressive level designs – Level editor and modifiers
  • A grind to unlock everything

While many games offer platforming few do it in a competitive manner on the same level as SpeedRunners, a title that is all about blasting through various levels with random players or friends.


Supporting 4 players SpeedRunners features platforming with grappling hooks, an interactive environment and plenty of power-ups along the way as well. This of course makes for a super fast paced and exciting game as you frantically race through the levels. Drop obstacles, launch rockets or place mines to hinder your opposition movement while taking adventure of boosts to propel you forward as well.

The result is a challenging 2D platformer that is ideal for local gameplay but also offers all the online functionality you need. For gameplay the lead runner is the person that sets the speed of the game with the view screen following them, which all players share. Should you fall behind and fall off the screen you’ll die for that round, with no traditional finish line the game continues (circle tracks) until all players but 1 are eliminated.


With each elimination the screen size shrinks smaller and smaller making the fight between the last 2 runners extremely intense. With these mechanics supported by great platform fundamentals that involve speed, jumps and your grappling hook to move swiftly from A to B. Map design supports this brilliantly with often multiple tracks for players to take that can help a skillful move send you to the front of the pack.

This risk-reward map design pairs well with Mario Kart like power-ups that let you either gain an advantage or put enemies at a disadvantage. Be it a box to drop right in front of their face, rockets to hit them with or a speed boost for yourself these can also quickly turn the tide of the race.


  • 4 player competitive racing.
  • Use grapple hooks and power ups to beat out your opponents.
  • Great risk-reward map design can change the rankings in an instant.
  • Play locally or online.
  • Level editor and modifiers for plenty of replay options.



Review Platform: PC

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