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  • Simple concept but plenty of depth – Several unique Titans
  • Takes a while to unlock PvP content

Spellbinders sees players joining in on the war of the Titans as they fight for bragging rights on the battlefield. Pick your Titan from the ancient powers and send your units to face off against the opposing Titan in a 3 lane battle.


Ideal for short games but also addicting over the longer sessions Spellbinders is a strategy game which incorporates both single player and multiplayer components. While the single player portion serves as your introduction to the game and allows you to refine your understanding of the mechanics you’ll get the most excitement from the PvP against other players as you match your wits against that of another human player.

Mechanically Spellbinders is played across 3 lanes, each with a cannon in the middle of the lane which can be claimed. Your primary resource is mana which regenerates slowly over time and is used to summon in heroes in one of the three lanes or cast a spell to hinder enemy movements or cause direct damage.

Each unit costs a different amount of mana and has their own health rating and speed with some having a unique ability. When units meet in a particular lane they’ll face off against each other, with the higher health unit eliminating the other. Units with the same number of life hearts will both eliminate on contact.


Taking out enemy units is vital as units that reach the end of the lane will do damage to your health pool. Having control over a lane also means that the cannon in the middle of lane will be controlled, dealing regular damage.

For the competitively minded mobile gamer Spellbinders offers a balanced but deep strategy experience as you try out different Titans, alternative strategies and gain your bragging rights.


  • Competitive lane based mobile game.
  • Command Titans with their own unique skill.
  • Use different strategies with your available units and spells.
  • Play aggressively or counter your opponent instead.
  • Free iOS and Android title.



Review Platform: iOS

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