Spiral Knights

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  • Casual – Free – Very social and co-operatively focused
  • Not a lot of depth

Spiral Knights is a co-operative game that draws a lot of inspiration from the Zelda series for its gameplay but brings the game into the MMO universe. The game is free to play with options to either play online in your browser or download the game client.


In the game players control their own knight (which belongs to the Spiral Knight order) as they explore the planet Cradle and its various dungeons. After a well-designed tutorial which introduces all the important mechanics players will be sent to the main city called Haven that has plenty of NPCs to purchase items, accept dungeon quests and much more.

Dungeons are the main gameplay element with a large number of levels for players to tackle with others which feature combat, puzzles and even boss battles. Enemies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with plenty of destructible objects making up the remainder of most levels.

Unlike traditional games though you won’t be earning experience for your efforts. Instead the advancement system in Spiral Knights focuses on how you upgrade your equipment rather than your character. Players can equip armour (shield, helmet and chest) along with two accessories and four weapons at a single time which range in star rankings from zero to five while also coming with a variety of bonuses.

Damage in particular is an important consideration as you advance in the game with players able to deal four different types of damage with some monsters more vulnerable to a particular type. This system is taken a step further with knights having the power to inflict status changes on enemies including freeze, sleep, poison and stun.


When not in a dungeon players can buy new equipment for their characters or participate in the more solo side of the game by meeting and befriending other players.

Spiral Knights is a perfect experience for the casual gamer that wants something with elements from the Legend of Zelda.


  • A cooperative experience with Zelda elements.
  • A great casual game with simple and fun mechanics.
  • Upgrade your equipment to become more powerful.
  • Make friends and join guilds with other players.
  • Play in your browser or on Windows/Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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