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  • Creature creator – Varied genres – Space is HUGE
  • Some stages aren't as deep as others

Spore combines a number of genres together and allows players to take their own creature from a single cell to a space faring race. Players have plenty of choice in how their creature evolves and other aspects of their development.


The shining star of the game is the creation system that gives players a huge amount of options when creating their creatures which has led to plenty of creative and inappropriate looking creatures. This depth of customisation also extends to buildings, vehicles and eventually spacecraft when players reach the final stage of the game.

If players connect online while playing the game will pull creations from other players to populate your game world or things you have previously created. This ensures that every world you generate in Spore has different species to populate it.

The game is set on a single planet until the game reaches the space stage of the game. Players get the choice of several planets at the start of the game although this has very minimal impact on gameplay. Your single cell creature lands on this planet by way of an asteroid which is where you start your journey.


This cell stage has players moving around as a small microbe in the ocean while eating food to slowly grow in size. Eventually players will be able to sprout legs and adventure onto land where they can attack or befriend other species of creatures. Next players will advance to their own village and then a civilization which is the path towards space travel.

The mixture of genres in each of the game stages means the gameplay has great variety. It’s also a very unique experience as you take your small cell species throughout their evolution and eventually take them into space.


  • Take your own creature from cell to space race.
  • Mixes genres together for varied gameplay.
  • Amazingly fun creature creator lets you create many game elements.
  • Choose an aggressive or peaceful approach to gameplay.
  • Huge end game with space.



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