Stardew Valley

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  • Wonderful game design – Plenty of variety
  • Limited end game – Lacks in-game explanation of mechanics

After a hyped development phase Stardew Valley is finally here and is living up to all the hopes and dreams of Harvest Moon fans everywhere. Drawing large inspiration from the franchise Stardew Valley delivers a new farming experience that takes the well known formula but sprinkles its own impressively designed mechanics.


Your adventure in the game world starts with players receiving a plot of land from their grandfather, this plot and the surrounding area is known as Stardew Valley. This run down location is covered with weeds, trees and even boulders which will need to be cleared and ultimately revive the farm to its former glory.

In order to do this players will need to tend to crops and breed livestock in order to generate a revenue stream and subsequently reinvest it back into the property. Like real life farming actions can take time which is where the various side elements of the game will keep you occupied.

Side activities in Stardew Valley include interacting with NPCs (which can eventually lead to marriage), fishing, crafting, cooking, exploration and even battles in procedurally generated cave systems that house rare materials but are also deadly.

Alternatively players can focus on taking on quests and various tasks for additional money from the towns community. Regardless of which path you opt to pursue players will carefully need to manage their available health and exhaustion level which limits the number of activities you can perform each day.


Other notable game features in Stardew Valley include skills that improve over time, character and house customisation and several hours of original music.

Stardew Valley has without a doubt achieved what it aimed to do by not only offering a Harvest Moon like experience but exceeding it.


  • A Harvest Moon inspired title for Windows.
  • Farm, marry, mine, fish and adventure.
  • Level up your skills to improve your efficiency.
  • Enjoy over 2 hours of beautiful soundtrack.
  • Customise your character and house to your liking.



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  1. Yes this game is amazing, it is worth picking up. The NPCs and storyline for this game is absolutely adorable. It’s as if Harvest Moon met Minecraft or Rune Factory for that matter.

  2. Honestly I thought this game was kind of limited and not nearly as fun as Rune Factory games. I was disappointed considering everyone gives it high ratings. And before you say I had my expectations too high I didn’t read any reviews before playing it, I was just told it was a good game and got it. I wish I liked it as much as everyone else seems to.

  3. This game is very similar to Harvest Moon, but has more different elements to it (e.g. there’s a combat system, minigames, crafting, decorating your house…).
    I really enjoyed this game but was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more to do. However, there is an active modding community out there if you are looking for more content, more space on your farm, new house upgrades, new locations or just slight changes to the game (like different sprites for the characters, name changes, dialogue changes, colour changes, …).
    The game is still in development, so there will be content added in the future!


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