Steamworld Dig

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  • Great difficulty level – Unique feel – Price
  • Needs more content

SteamWorld Dig captures the current mining genre popularity and combines it with platform action to deliver an action style experience. The game is available on your Nintendo 3DS or PC with plenty of good old fashioned difficulty to it.


SteamWorld Dig is all about digging around to find the many treasures just waiting to be dug up. The game isn’t without its challenges though with plenty of enemies to stop your progression. In the game you’ll get to play as Rusty a lonely mining steambot as he creates friendships with the mining town and helps to return the town to its former glory.

The game doesn’t stick you down with story but provides enough of a backdrop to keep you adventuring forward in the campaign. The campaign side of things will take players several hours to get through and this can easily grow into double digits if players take the time to fully explore the mines they’ll encounter. Players should note that SteamWorld Dig isn’t completely sandbox and is a more linear experience than the game projects (but this didn’t ruin the experience at all in my view).


You’ll start the game with very basic tools at your disposal which new options and abilities unlocking themselves at an extremely well set pace. The game definitely doesn’t support charging head first though and to succeed players will have to carefully gather resources and plot their way through the 3 mine areas. This careful planning will help you stay away from enemies early on while you build up important upgrades to tools and your health.

If you’ve been waiting for a game to test yourself without ever feeling cheap you’ll love discovering what lies below in SteamWorld Dig. The price to content ratio is great with an exceptional feel to the gameplay that easily makes it one of the must haves from the 3DS eShop and is equally as attractive on your PC.


  • Fun and challenging.
  • Fair price for impressive content.
  • Unique steampunk feel to gameplay
  • Lots of variety in enemies, challenges, items and more.
  • Available on the Nintendo 3DS, from the eShop or PC through Steam.



Review Platform: PC

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