• New player friendly – Reducing toxic players – Pets and crafting system
  • Not everyone will appreciate the casual elements

Strife is reinventing the MOBA genre to be less toxic, more action orientated and simpler for those just starting out. It’s a tough order to fill in the ever growing space of MOBA games but with some of the features that Strife is offering it has a greater chance than any to make it work.


While the map and general setup of the game won’t be anything new to players that have previously experienced a MOBA the unique elements of Strife quickly surface and can easily eat up all your time thanks to the huge level of customisation that they provide.

The three most notable systems of the game are the pet, crafting and enchanting systems. These allow you to customise your experience outside the game with currency that you’ll earn after each match. Pets are the most in depth of the three with players feeding them food that you earn from your matches to help them develop and offer you new skills on the battlefield. There are several types of pets available each designed to boost a certain aspect of your playstyle by either boosting your gold income, increasing your mana regeneration, improving resistances and more.

The crafting and enchanting system work in a similar manner with players using materials gained from matches to improve and even alter items within the game, creating near endless customisation of builds and combinations.

Actual gameplay also has plenty of improvements from faster paced gameplay to a unique boss (Kraytos) that you can unleash upon a single lane and devastate enemies if you can defeat his guardian in the centre of the map.


Gameplay speed is enhanced mostly through shorter respawn times but also thanks to a health regeneration system for when players are outside of battle and the ability to order items out in the field. This means less time walking between your lane and base which removes plenty of down time from the game.

Both newcomers to the MOBA genre and long-time fans will be captivated by what Strife offers, guaranteeing hundreds of enjoyable hours ahead.


  • Aims to squash toxic players with some unique ideas.
  • Unique pet, crafting and enchanting system enhances customisation.
  • All heroes unlocked right from the start.
  • Customisation characters with dyes and skins.
  • Unique gameplay mechanics introduce more action and speed into gameplay.

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Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. Strife is far from toxic free. In fact, the first match I played was nothing but namecalling. They tried to fix the toxic community of LoL by having shared gold but people still flip out when they are not doing as well as others. Every kill I got, I was called stupid for getting. I have never seen such a horrible group of people. Stick with League or Dota 2, Strife was filled to the brim with all the people who aren’t good at those games so they took their trolling elsewhere. I uninstalled and won’t be back. At least in LoL, the only time I get berated is when I have an off day, not yelled at for actually being one of the good players.

  2. Total joke. The players had no skill and I’m pretty sure they were all angry 10 year olds. Back to Dota I go, complete waste of a download

  3. This game is so cool and there is no toxic players and the players are skilled more than dota 2 players


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