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  • Simple – Free – Unique colour mechanics
  • Short – Not overly challenging

Tag: The Power of Paint is a free to play game that embraces the power of colour in a first person environment. Tag was created as a school project and in a similar manner to Narbacular Drop the students behind the game ended up working on concepts in the popular puzzle adventure, Portal 2.


The game is set in a (nearly) colourless world which serves as your playground as you make your way through a number of puzzle based levels. In order to advance players will have to reach the end point which will send them into the next environment.

These end points are out of normal reach though and require the player to use the colour mechanics available to them. If a player falls off the level they will start at the beginning although later levels feature some checkpoints for players to respawn at.

Your colour mechanics are available in the form of a paint gun which players pick up on the second level of Tag: The Power of Paint. From here on the player can use this gun to either paint the game world in one of three colours (which are slowly introduced) or erase colour in the game world (whether the player placed it there or not). A player can only use a colour of paint after they have found it on that level.


The three types of colours all act in a different way with later levels requiring players to combine them all correctly in order to reach the end of the level. The first colour that players come into contact with is green which makes the surfaces it is placed on bouncy allowing the player to traverse heights and distances with ease.

The second colour that players will encounter is the red colour which increases the players speed when walking on top of a red surface. While the final colour in Tag: The Power of Paint is blue and allows players to stick to walls or ceilings.


  • A first person puzzle game.
  • Use three different colours to defeat each level.
  • Interesting and unique colour mechanics.
  • Free to play.
  • From the minds that later worked on Portal 2.



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