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Hello Hero

Hello Hero takes social, role playing and turn based gameplay to create a hero collecting title available for mobile devices and through Facebook. Featuring a hero list over well over a hundred and a healthy list of game modes the journey for completionists is just beginning. Stepping into the heavily populated monster worl...[Read More]

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Conquer Online

Explore a world based on ancient China in Conquer Online a free to play MMO featuring a 2.5D design and oriental setting. Embark on quests, create a powerful hero, participate in the community, face PvP battles and much more. Conquer Online has been online for over a decade with the title of one of the oldest MMORPGs around...[Read More]

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Offering up spooky location gameplay is SpecTrek a game that follows your hunt for ghosts in your immediate area. Perfect to use as a fitness app or to get some fund outside the game is exclusive to Android. A free light version is available along with a paid full version. SpecTrek options are straight forward allowing you ...[Read More]

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Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash lets you play as your favourite hedgehog in an endless runner that feels very much like a Sonic game with boss battles, all your favourite characters and crazy track loops. Sonic Dash gets all the fundamental elements of the genre down quite well with good responsive controls, enjoyable graphics and a good amount...[Read More]

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Waking Mars

Launching on the iOS platform Waking Mars is an interesting exploration of Mars that takes you through the depths of the red planet with a trusty jetpack and unique ecosystems. While the graphics are a little rough the unique interactions you’ll have ensures this adventure is unlike other you’ve had before. Set ...[Read More]

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Escape The Titanic

Escape The Titanic involves exactly what the name suggests and mixes a huge variety of puzzles to keep you challenged and entertained throughout. The game is on both Android and iOS devices and promotes interactive gameplay. The game is set on the Titanic just after you collide with the famous iceberg that brought down the ...[Read More]

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Hay Day

Hay Day is one of the most popular alternatives to FarmVille, commanding a user base well into the millions. In such a competitive genre this success doesn’t come down to just luck either. Within Hay Day you’ll find a game that has refined the definition of the genre in all elements to deliver a game that is enjoyable, addi...[Read More]

4.3 User Avg (13 votes)
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