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Towns had the honour of being one of the first games to be released based on the Steam Greenlight program. The game offers an interesting mixture of strategy, city building and role playing which is available on both PC and Mac. In Towns players are in charge of their own settlement which as luck would have it just so happe...[Read More]

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Spacebase DF-9

Build and maintain your own space station in Spacebase DF-9 a game of ships, asteroids, aliens and more. You’ll get to assign jobs to the citizens that you attract while you try your best to keep them alive and grow your space station. At the start of your Spacebase DF-9 adventure players will get to choose which part...[Read More]

5.7 User Avg (16 votes)

Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans started its life on Facebook as a free to play MOBA adventure you could play in your browser. Eventually making it to Windows and Mac this simple MOBA aims to create an experience for newcomers to the genre. Taking control of your own Dragon Lord and mixing in RPG elements you’ll get to enjoy your e...[Read More]

5.7 User Avg (18 votes)

Delta Force 2

Delta Force 2 is a first person shooter with a keen focus on tactical elements. Released back in 1999 the game saw strong praise from critics and continues to be a somewhat cult classic. Players will enjoy two separate campaigns as am member of the USA Delta Force, an elite special forces unit that is the secret weapon in t...[Read More]

5.7 User Avg (13 votes)

Grand Ages: Rome

Grand Ages: Rome is a single player and multi-player game that offers a mixture of city building and real time strategy to create an overall fun and strategic focused game experience. Grand Ages: Rome was released in 2009 and is published by Kalypso Media. The game is the sequel to Imperium Romanum and was originally named ...[Read More]

5.6 User Avg (15 votes)

The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest is a classic adventure game that was originally released in 1993 but was re-released in 2010 for the iOS platform. The game was developed by Trilobyte. Maybe you remember playing the game when you were younger or maybe you are just looking for a classic point and click style puzzle solving adventure, The 7th G...[Read More]

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Azada is a very casual adventure game with puzzle elements that has some Myst like elements to its gameplay. The success of the original game has led to several sequels under the titles Azada: Elementa, Azada: Ancient Magic and Azada: In Libro which all offer similar gameplay. Azada was originally launched for Windows and M...[Read More]

5.6 User Avg (20 votes)

Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock takes inspiration from the games of old and brings them into the modern day with a grid based dungeon crawler. The game is very impressive and even more so when you learn that it was developed by just a four person indie team. The plot in the game is a simple one but provides enough background to your adv...[Read More]

5.6 User Avg (8 votes)

Farming Simulator 2015

Ever wanted to play farmer? Farming Simulator 2015 lets you achieve just that with a sprawling farm at your disposal. Featuring authentic vehicles the game lives up to its simulator name by making you feel like you’re working hard on the farm. Farming Simulator 2015 isn’t the first game in the franchise and acco...[Read More]

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5.6 User Avg (7 votes)

Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III continues the Dungeon Siege journey and also brings the series onto consoles. The game was released in June 2011 for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game world in this third game is the same as previous games so fans of the series will welcome the return to the Kingdom of Ehb. The world has change...[Read More]

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5.5 User Avg (18 votes)

Selma And The Wisp

Offering up control over a colourful wisp as you lead the innocent Selma through various environmental obstacles is Selma And The Wisp. Opening with Selma alone in her room with a monster under the bed the player guides the bright wisp to Selma, giving her hope amongst the darkness. This is where your bond with each other b...[Read More]

5.5 User Avg (6 votes)

Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupies

In Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupies players will be fighting off all the groupies that want their own shot at stardom. It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The game uses a side scrolling tower defence style of gameplay that was originally made popular by Plants vs Zombies. This means that fans of the game...[Read More]

5.3 User Avg (9 votes)

Panzer Elite Action

Panzer Elite Action is one of the few tank based battle games out there. Released in 2007 the game puts you in control of your own tank as you battle on behalf of various countries in realistic World War II battles. With multiple campaigns for players to hone their tank skills you’ll be getting a history lesson at the same ...[Read More]

5.3 User Avg (7 votes)

Conquer Online

Explore a world based on ancient China in Conquer Online a free to play MMO featuring a 2.5D design and oriental setting. Embark on quests, create a powerful hero, participate in the community, face PvP battles and much more. Conquer Online has been online for over a decade with the title of one of the oldest MMORPGs around...[Read More]

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Blacksoul aims to revive the older style horror adventure games with a third person experience set in 1970 England. The dark atmosphere of the game combines with puzzles and a lengthy story to span into double digit gameplay hours. Blacksoul focuses on the story of Sean and their sister Ava as they enter the quarantined are...[Read More]

5.2 User Avg (6 votes)

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring (or simply Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring in North America) is part of the Sherlock Holmes franchise and the second in this series of adventures (proceeded by The Mystery of the Mummy and followed The Awakened). In addition to the Windows version a Europe only Wii version...[Read More]

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Again releasing alongside the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an action adventure title with open world elements that draws on the franchise and has some loose connections to the film which shares the same name. Your The Amazing Spider-Man 2 adventure follows along with Peter Parker as he hunts down the serial killer know...[Read More]

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Impire offers a real time strategy experience in a dungeon building environment while also incorporating bits and pieces from various other genres. In Impire players take on the role of a great evil that has been summoned from the deep abyss and imprisoned in the body of an imp in service of a dark sorcerer. As you go throu...[Read More]

4.9 User Avg (15 votes)

Waking Mars

Launching on the iOS platform Waking Mars is an interesting exploration of Mars that takes you through the depths of the red planet with a trusty jetpack and unique ecosystems. While the graphics are a little rough the unique interactions you’ll have ensures this adventure is unlike other you’ve had before. Set ...[Read More]

4.9 User Avg (12 votes)

Master of Orion III

Master of Orion III is the third game in the popular space strategy game. The game plays out like most other 4X strategy style games like Civilization. Unlike previous games in the series Master of Orion III introduces a number of game mechanics to help automate the process of gameplay. While this decision was not necessari...[Read More]

4.8 User Avg (11 votes)

Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars keeps the core features of the digital trading card game genre but innovates extensively on the genre to produce what is the best TCG to date. While at the core you’ll find a high quality TCG experience it’s the extras that really bring this game to life and separate it from the many alternatives in this genre...[Read More]

4.8 User Avg (22 votes)

No Man’s Sky

Explore the vastness of space in No Man’s Sky, an action-adventure with elements of survival and exploration that lets you explore the galaxy while encountering all sorts of strange life forms. The basis for No Man’s Sky is exploration with an open universe that has billions upon billions of procedurally generat...[Read More]

4.6 User Avg (30 votes)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing returns again for a third instalment in the action RPG genre. With a unique setting, strong story elements and interesting build paths the game has contained to go from strength to strength with the third game mostly delivering the same. Continuing the story the civil war of Borgovia...[Read More]

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Master lurking in the shadows with Aragami an action adventure title with stealth as the core gameplay. Available across Mac, PC, Linux and PlayStation 4 the game allows players to fight as the Aragami, an assassin of great power that also wields unnatural abilities. Summoned into existence by Yamiko, a girl who has been ca...[Read More]

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