Tales From The Borderlands

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  • Captures the Borderlands essence – Two unique and well-designed main characters – Recognisable places and characters
  • Not as much room to guide the story as previous Telltale games

Tales From The Borderlands joins the ranks amongst Telltale Games other popular episodic point and click graphic adventures. Drawing from the Borderlands series and throwing in the same mix of light-hearted humour that the franchise is known for, it’s another winning combination.


Set on the well travelled world of Pandora this adventure takes place after the events of Borderlands 2 with Handsome Jack killed by the Vault Hunter and the discovery of countless other vaults scattered around the galaxy. With the vaults containing vast treasures the hunt for fresh vaults and their keys.

With two main protagonists (Rhys and Fiona) their is plenty of exploration based story gameplay to enjoy. These characters have very different backgrounds with Rhys being a Hyperion employee seeking promotion while Fiona is a veteran con artist working on Pandora with her sister.

Fans of the Borderland franchise will also be pleased to know a number of core characters and locations return for an appearance in Tales From The Borderlands, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for fans.


In regards to gameplay in Tales From The Borderlands you’ll find it in line with other Telltale game franchises with exploration and decisions central to the game. With deep conversation trees within the game to explore to build both the story and your facts for key decisions. You’ve also got the usual quick time orientated events with a hint of shooter and randomised guns thrown into the mix.

While the game is ideal for Borderlands fans looking to explore more of the world their favourite game. Tales From The Borderlands is still perfectly suited to interactive game fans thanks to the strong setting and unique game world to draw upon even if you haven’t been introduced before. Overall its more light-hearted than the previous games from Telltale but just as satisfying.


  • Explore Pandora like never before.
  • Two protagonists with very different stories
  • Same style of comedy that Borderlands is known for.
  • Set in the Borderlands universe after the events of Borderlands 2.
  • Available on a wide selection of platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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