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  • Colourful and tasty – Cross platform sync
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If you’re a keen cook and also a master match 3 puzzle gamer then Tasty Tale will let you finally put those two skills together. Available through Facebook, iOS and Android Tasty Tale makes match 3 gameplay deliciously addictive with a touch of fairy tale fantasy for good measure.


Like the other Bejeweled inspired games that are taking over the app stores the premise of Tasty Tales is simple. Players will start out in their very own restaurant and soon find themselves being approached by well-known fairy tale characters to serve them a range of tasty dishes. In order to create these recipes you’ll have to enter the match 3 puzzle game as you combine ingredients in groups of 3 or more in order to collect them for the recipe.

In typical fashion you’ll be able to create some truly powerful combos if you combine more than 3 of the same tile or use the other available boosters to give you the edge that you need.

Tasty Tale definitely isn’t the first game to create this food recipe approach in a match 3 puzzle game but the addition of fairy tale characters and the way it makes you feel like a beloved restaurant owner ensure you’ll keep coming back to complete the 100 odd levels of food challenges.


The difficultly curve of the levels is also right on point with an ever expanding recipe list which makes the game more interesting and strategic as you continue forward. If that wasn’t motivation enough though you’ll have the usual leaderboard that lets you compare your highest scores against those of your friends for bragging rights.

This tasty addition to the match 3 genre is well-designed, colourful and most of all tasty. With the high production values, unique restaurant approach and high quality levels Tasty Tales is definitely one of the better games in this very saturated genre.


  • Cook in your restaurant for all sorts of fairy tale creatures.
  • Colourful match 3 gameplay.
  • Over 100 levels to perfect your recipes and matching skills.
  • Compare your scores to your friends via the online leader boards.
  • Play on Facebook, iOS and Android.



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