Temple Run 2

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  • Harder difficulty – New characters and environments
  • Doesn't try anything new

Temple Run 2 builds on the foundations of the original Temple Run to offer new upgrades along with a more difficult adventure to once again capture the attention of endless running addicts. Released in 2013 (2 years after the original) this experience is definitely suited to the more veteran players in the genre who are seeking a challenge.


Core gameplay in Temple Run 2 has changed very little with players controlling their character in a similar manner to before with a combination of tilt and swipe controls. The game plays at a faster pace though and throws significantly more obstacles at players which make your fast reflexes even more important.

The setting is one of the big changes in the game with exciting new environments to run through which include ziplines, mine tracks and rivers to keep gameplay more interesting and varied in comparison to the first Temple Run experience.

Guy Dangerous will still be your main character but Temple Run 2 does introduce new characters for players to unlock with the coins that they collect. Each of these characters allow you to unlock a new powerup which will help you achieve greater distances such as the shield, speed boost and coin magnet. These powerups can either be found randomly during game run or activated instantly once you collect enough coins to fill up your power bar on the side of the screen which does give you that extra incentive to try and collect as many coins as possible.


Abilities are still a key factor in your ability to progress the further distances in the game and allow you to upgrade a wide range of game elements. Players can upgrade coin values, powerup duration, the rate that the special powerups appear and how quickly the power bar fills up when collecting coins. All up there are 11 ability upgrades which each come with 5 levels so there is always something to spend coins on.

The harder difficulty of Temple Run 2, better environment variety and additional upgrades make it well worth playing if you found yourself hooked on the original. The game doesn’t try to do anything innovative though and in a space where a number of games are now improving on the original Temple Run formula Temple Run 2 just feels a little weak in comparison.


  • The next addition in the Temple Run franchise.
  • Run, jump and slide across new game environments.
  • More characters, more upgrades and more of everything.
  • Mine carts, rivers and ziplines add new gameplay elements.
  • Free on iOS and Android.



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