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  • Race options – Impressive environments – Combines Elder Scrolls and MMO
  • Costly to get started – Few too many linear elements

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) brings the popular role playing series to the MMO environment with an impressive offering. While the game definitely appeals to long time fans of the series newcomers to the Elder Scrolls series won’t feel left out either with an epic adventure that everyone can enjoy.


Launching in early 2014 the Elder Scrolls Online delivered on its promise of bringing a high quality action role playing experience into the MMO scene. You’ll get to fight with sword, shield, arrows and magic as you battle the environment and other players. If you’ve ever wished that Skyrim had multiplayer functionality then you’ll find that your dream has come true in the form of Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO is set on the continent of Tamriel, hundreds of years before the stories in the popular role playing series. This decision allows hardcore followers of the other games in the franchise to recognise some of the story elements but doesn’t close out the game to players that have never touched an Elder Scrolls game before.

The story elements advance at a very balanced pace to ensure you always feel like you’re making progress but still have enough time to stop and smell the roses during your adventure. As you help the inhabitants of this medieval game world you will find that the environments slowly open up to reveal some truly amazing locations that are filled with plenty of variety.


In order to step into the story experience players must align themselves with one of the three factions in the game which are each made up of three different races that offer all the depth and customisation of other MMO titles. All your favourites are there from the Bretons, Redguards, Orcs, Elves and many more.

With plenty of content for lone adventurers or those that prefer the support of a guild Elder Scrolls Online is the MMO addition to the franchise that it needed to offer an entirely fresh experience.


  • Brings the Elder Scrolls into the online world.
  • Choose from one of three factions and plenty of races.
  • Great variety of locations to explore.
  • All the features that a MMO needs.
  • A large game world awaits.



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