The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

  • Class diversity – Dark storyline conclusion
  • Some lingering bugs hurt your experience – Poor UI

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing returns again for a third instalment in the action RPG genre. With a unique setting, strong story elements and interesting build paths the game has contained to go from strength to strength with the third game mostly delivering the same.


Continuing the story the civil war of Borgovia has past but the future is anything but bright as weird science, a dark cult and factions threaten the world stability once again. The story that follows is one of gothic-noir inspiration with one of the darkest chapters yet to conclude the franchise.

For the first time in the series you’ll be able to uncover this story through the eyes of one of six characters from the start that each bring their own talents and playstyles to the game. From the melee brawling Protector, the sharp eye Bounty Hunter, the magical Elementalist, the stealthy Umbralist, construction based Engineer or the dark scientist Phlogistoneer the variety of options are strong. This ensures that combat is always interesting as you combo your skills in various ways and alter your approach for the bosses you’ll encounter.

It’s taken a step further with deep customisation to the skills, crafting, perks and plenty more. Unfortunately some are needlessly complex and will have you looking to external sources for sufficient tutorials to get the full use out of them. Even with this information in hand though you won’t be able to overcome some painful UI elements that make using some of the more unique mechanics of the game more pain than gain. Some of the features from the previous titles are also mysteriously absent.


The backdrop of locations where you’ll use these mechanics are equally varied and unique which keeps you wanting to advance through the story, particularly when it is tied with the slow story reveals. This combines with exploration being rewarding and simple choices sprinkled throughout quests that helps you engage a little more with the story at hand.

If you’ve come this far with the franchise you’ll enjoy the closure offered on the story front by The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III, although it will be a somewhat bitter experience as the gameplay side feels slightly empty.


  • The third and final game of the franchise.
  • Great story elements and conclusion to the story side of the game.
  • Play 1 of 6 varied classes.
  • Customise your skills and gear heavily to create a unique play style.
  • For WIndows and mac.



Review Platform: PC

Written by
Samuel Franklin
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