The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

  • Van Helsing atmosphere – Price to content ratio
  • Some multiplayer issues

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing brings action role playing to the Van Helsing universe and has you playing as the legendary vampire hunter as he travels Eastern Europe to rid the world of many dark creatures.


Set in 19th century Europe the game centres on the story of Dracula with quite a unique ending to enjoy. You’ll have to face countless strange, dark and twisted creatures throughout this adventure with a good level of variety that doesn’t get boring too quickly. In the game you’re playing as the son of the famous adventurer after you are sent an urgent letter to help a nearby city.

The games story is solid and combines with some great graphic detail to create the level of atmosphere that a game with the Van Helsing name deserves. This comes at the trade-off of randomised maps though so there isn’t much replay value here unfortunately.

All the features that you want in an action RPG are there with multiplayer functionality, crafting, multiple skills, customisable stats, random loot and plenty of flashy animations that make disposing of foes fun and exciting. While you don’t have multiple character options Van Helsing himself has enough flexibility to ensure you can pursue both melee and ranged styles of play.


The skill system is slightly weighted towards passive benefits that change a handful of active skills, which by the end can leave the game a little dry. Further customisation is available through your ghost like companion though which does redeem the skill system to some degree.

While The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is worth your money it’s not the sort of game you’re going to play more than once. It’s definitely the sort of game that is made much more fun by having a friend at your side although you’ll have to overlook the odd multiplayer bug in the process.


  • A Van Helsing action role playing game.
  • Great visuals and atmosphere bring the universe to life.
  • Play as a ranged or melee fighter with good skill options to explore.
  • Team up with a friend for a multiplayer experience.
  • Good price to content ratio.



Review Platform: PC

Written by
Samuel Franklin
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