The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

  • A well-presented and paced story – Great turn based combat system
  • Dialogue can feel excessive – Quartz system doesn't offer much in terms of real choice

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky originally launched in Japan and made its way to the PlayStation Portable as an English version in 2011. The game is what you would expect from a Japanese RPG with a focus on character development and uses a turn based combat system similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics.


In the game you’ll explore the kingdom of Liberl that has in the past decade been heavily effected by war. The current setting is one of a post-war recovery with Liberl beginning to once again thrive with materials and powerful technology being developed which is being carefully monitored by their enemies.

The game follows Joshua and his sister Estelle although there is no blood relation between them. After their father goes missing the games plot begins to develop as they decide to take over his job as a great mercenary. While these missions start out simple enough (like most games in the genre) eventually players will begin to uncover a more sinister plot. The game world and locations you’ll get to explore are fairly in depth.

Gameplay is fairly focused around the questing system with quests delivered to players (mostly) through the Bracer’s Guild message board in various towns. Quest completion is extremely important in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky as the rewards and money for the quests are well ahead of what the player can muster up otherwise.

Combat itself takes place on a separate game screen which is initiated when the player runs into an enemy. This map is split into small square tiles with players having the option to move or attack in a turn based environment. Players can also use their skills, use an item or run from battle during their turn.


Customisation of your characters comes from both their equipment and the quartz that you equip to them. This quartz is collected from battles or as a reward for quests and comes in 7 different types, by placing these quartz into your characters available slots you can alter their stats and with correct combinations unlock skills for them to use. This system provides a lot of depth and choice but lets itself down by offering only a few useful options.

For fans of turn based JRPGs The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a solid adventure although the large amounts of story and dialogue will turn away people who prefer a more action focused experience.


  • Explore a post-war world.
  • Learn more about your father’s past, your own story and a sinister kingdom wide plot.
  • Customise your character with equipment and quartz to unlock new skills.
  • Great turn based combat system for fans of the genre.
  • A story that has great flow and is brilliantly told through the game dialogue.

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Review Platform: PSP

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