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  • Sci fi meets dark souls – Risk vs reward core gameplay
  • Lack of story and character emotion

Mixing in science fiction to the popularised Dark Souls like formula The Surge is an action role playing title that also serves as a spiritual successor to Lords of the Fallen. For Dark Souls fans seeking to shift the setting into the realm of science fiction no game is offering what The Surge has underneath it’s hood.


Set in a dystopian future where our relentless use of resources has lead to exhaustion, putting intense strain on the social and environmental elements of the world. It’s a grim future as you awake in your exoskeleton in a destroyed complex with aggressive robots all around you. Relying on melee combat to hack off entire limbs while also hunting for new pieces of equipment for yourself is the bread and butter of The Surge.

Gameplay is designed to be challenging with the self proclaimed title of hardcore action RPG attached to the game. The result is a blend between the previous team’s game (Lords of the Fallen) and more recent titles like Dark Souls. One constant feature is the risk vs reward trade off where taking risks can leave players rewarded significantly.


Familiar mechanics include the ability to build up scrap at ever increasing amounts the longer you go without banking it. However, should players die will hoarding scrap they’ll lose it all, with some ability to reclaim only a portion of what was lost. Similarly a unique mechanic that sees you actively avoiding attacking an enemies limb to preserve it for an upgrade may see you experiencing a much tougher fight in order to gain a long term benefit (stronger gear).

This upgrade cycle continues as players explore the semi open world which mixes exploration, loot grinding and bite sized story pieces that give some background to the story (split between the environment and conversations with NPCs).


  • Science fiction themed dark souls title.
  • Explore a dark utopia and restore the world.
  • Claim new loot from your enemies to upgrade your exoskeleton.
  • Risk vs reward gameplay at the core of game features.
  • Play across PC and console.



Review Platform: PC

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