The Treasures of Montezuma 3

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  • Fast paced and flashy – Totem system
  • Little variation in the core game throughout the levels

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 belongs to the series of treasure hunting puzzle games published by Alawar. The series is well known for its large number of levels, tie-ins with ancient mythological treasure and explosion filled puzzle experience.


The Treasures of Montezuma 3 puts you into the shoes of an adventurer who is on the search for some of the great lost treasures of the world. After travelling through the jungle you stumble across the ancient civilization of Montezuma and find the treasure room inside their jungle temple.

Five different rooms confront the player each with their own priceless artefact which is yours for the taking. The temple won’t be giving up these treasures for free though with players having to complete the puzzle challenges that protect the treasure in each room.

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 boasts a huge number of levels which slowly get more difficult and require you to adjust your strategy to fit the new challenges before you. In total you can expect over 150 levels of puzzle challenging fun as you match the colourful tokens in the game to form pairs of three or more. Each level requires you to achieve a certain score in order to move on and will also reward you with Magic Stars.


These Magic Stars can then be used to purchase Totems and power ups which can help you beat the tougher levels. Each Totem that you buy will belong to a particular colour gem and when players match that colour gem two times in a row they’ll activate that Totems special power. The Red Totam for example unleashes a deadly fireball that will boost your score and help clear some of the game board. While the Orange Totem can add bonus time to each level.

Using Totems effectively is a vital element of progressing through the later levels which can prove fairly difficult. Totems and power ups are also unlocked at a great pace which gives you a constant feeling of progression throughout the game.


  • Part of the popular Treasures of Montezuma series.
  • Fast passed puzzle matching with great sound effects and visuals.
  • Use Totems and power ups to tackle the hardest levels.
  • On multiple platforms.
  • Huge number of levels.



Review Platform: PC

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