The Unfinished Swan

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  • Surreal and beautiful – Unique story and gameplay
  • Not enough evolution from start to end

The Unfinished Swan offers an adventure unlike others you’ve experience before. In this PlayStation exclusive title (PS3, PS4, Vita) you’ll chase a swan through an interesting game world that has escaped from your favourite painting.


Your protagonist in this unique adventure is 10 year old Monroe, an orphan who was allowed to only bring a single one of his mother’s paintings to the orphanage with him. This was a special painting to them both although it was never completed.

The story of The Unfinished Swan begins to unfold one night after Monroe awakes to find the swan from the painting missing, leaving behind a path of golden footprints for players to follow into a mysterious kingdom. This kingdom is seemingly abandoned for unknown reasons and finding out those reasons is key to also getting the swan back.

This journey will take players across the white kingdom landscape which is mostly void of colour (as the king considered no colour worthy of his kingdom). With each new area discovered players will unravel the story which is told through storybook pages. In addition players can also find secret balloons to unlock extra content.


Gameplay in The Unfinished Swan is first person with the main mechanic revolving around players throwing balls of paint or other liquids to complete puzzles.

One of the repeated elements in particular is using this paint to reveal the white game world you find yourself in which without this illumination is a nightmare to navigate. With no limit to the number of balls you can throw and a good variety in how this mechanic is used throughout the adventure it’s both unique and enjoyable.


  • A unique adventure that follows an orphans journey
  • Throw paint and water in interesting puzzle designs.
  • Enjoy a story book themed story.
  • Hunt the swan and return it to your favourite painting.
  • PlayStation platform exclusive (PS3, PS4, Vita).



Review Platform: PS4

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