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  • Unique story premise – Great music and art
  • Slow pacing drags the game out

To the Moon is an adventure game released in 2011 by Freebird Games who have developed a number of games in this niche (To the Moon being one of the most well received). Made with RPG Maker XP the game spans half a dozen hours.


To the Moon uses a unique story premise that revolves around a technology that can create artificial memories, developed by Sigmund Corp. This technology assists people on their death bed to complete their final wish. In the case of this story players will be following the adventures of Dr. Rosalene and Watts as they help Johnny travel to the moon through his memories.

In order to do this you’ll travel into his memories and attempt to create new artificial ones to make him believe that he did in fact visit the moon in his lifetime. Unfortunately though Johnny’s mind is less then co-operative requiring more digging than originally planned.

Gameplay is comparable to other 2D role playing games and features 16-bit graphics. Focusing on exploration and story the game is absent of other features such as battle mechanics but this absence doesn’t diminish the experience which more than makes up for this shortcomings through the puzzle and story telling components.


This story telling flows from one memory to another while collecting objects and energy which allows you to go deeper and deeper into more distant memories, eventually making your way to Johnny’s childhood.

The premise of To the Moon is no doubt one of the most unique offerings you’ll find and is an experience that fans of the adventure genre would not want to miss.


  • Complete Johnny’s dying wish by creating new memories.
  • Explore old memories as you go deeper into Johnny’s past.
  • No combat mechanics allow you to focus on the story.
  • A strong soundtrack to support your experience.
  • Approximately 5hrs of gameplay.



Review Platform: PC

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