Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

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  • Smooth progression – Large number of missions
  • Doesn't do anything unique

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars brings modern war based tactical strategy to the 3DS with a lengthy campaign that makes good use of the 3D functionality of the console. While there isn’t a huge amount of innovation the way the game caters towards both new players and master tacticians while also bringing plenty of story to the table.


The story will take you across the world in various environments as you use your elite soldier team to disable a secret Soviet system of bases that are being revived to seize power with a drone army.

Split between a 30+ mission campaign and almost three dozen skirmish and multiplayer maps to practice your skills against the computer or your friends. On each map you’ll have to carefully use your six available classes along with their skills and equipment to defeat your enemies or achieve a particular objective on that map.

The battle system utilised by Shadow Wars varies little from other games in the genre with no new mechanics for turn based tactic veterans to learn. New players might take a while to wrap their head around the very cover orientated mechanics but thanks to good tutorials and 3 difficultly levels for every single missions newcomers are also well accounted for.


For every level you do defeat and depending on the objectives you complete you’ll build up a reserve of player points which are used directly on your units to improve their abilities, levels and even equipment. This system is extremely well-designed and one of the best in the genre that ensures a very smooth sense of progression throughout the campaign.

In terms of 3DS turn based tactical options Shadow Wars should definitely be on your short list with a very solid game offering.


  • Solid tactical role playing adventure.
  • Huge number of missions, skirmish and multiplayer maps.
  • Perfectly balanced for new players and veterans of the genre.
  • Plenty of story and locations to enjoy.
  • Play on your Nintendo 3DS.



Review Platform: 3DS

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