Toys vs Nightmares

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  • Difficulty level – Toy and enemy types – Free
  • You'll be disappointed when it's over

Toys vs Nightmares draws heavy inspiration from Plants vs Zombies and provides a fun similar game experience that will please fans of this strategy focused genre.


Toys vs Nightmares can be played in your browser for free and was developed by Xplored in 2011. The game features everything you would expect and has decent length to it so you’ll be able to get plenty of hours from the gameplay.

In case the name didn’t give it away the game focuses on the battles between toys and nightmares. You’ll take on the role of a young child who is unable to sleep because of his scary nightmares that feature all the standard horror creatures like ghosts, vampires and witches.

And what else can a young boy use to defend himself other than his toys? You’ll have access to wide variety of toys from your toy box which serve different roles in the game. All of your toys must be used together as part of a grand strategy if you are to succeed especially since the game gives certain enemies immunity to particular toys. In Toys vs Nightmares books play an important role in this strategy as they generate the resource known as ‘fantasy’ for you to bring your other toys to life.

By advancing through the game you’ll earn the game currency of coins which you place in your trusty piggy bank and can be used to unlock new toys and toy slots.


Toys vs Nightmares isn’t shy in ramping up the difficulty either, while the early levels will be a walk in the park for strategy fans you’ll quickly find yourself having to reassess your game plan as immunities become more and more common requiring you to adjust your default strategy.

It is easy to forget that Toys vs Nightmares is actually a free to play game and that it can all be experienced within your browser. Do yourself a favour and play the game for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Create an army from your toy box and battle your nightmares.
  • Lots of levels to explore.
  • Great variety of units and enemies with immunities.
  • Ramps up the difficulty quickly for a real challenge.
  • Play for free in your browser!



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