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  • Free and playable online – Simple concept
  • Community can very much break the game

Transformice offers an interesting free to play multiplayer experience which can be played within your browser or alternatively downloaded from the Steam platform. The game has been online since 2010 but gained rapid popularity after its Steam release.


Your main objective in Transformice is to grab the piece of cheese on the game map and bring it back to the mouse hole. While this sounds simple on the surface the game can be anything but simple. For successful cheese collections players earn points (with bonuses for being the first few mice to the cheese) which are recorded in their stats.

Players control an individual mouse with their arrow keys allowing movement left and right along with jumping and ducking. More advanced players are able to use these limited controls to perform a number of techniques.

Reaching the cheese is about more than just using these controls though with the cheese often being out of reach. In order to make the cheese a possibility players have to rely on the Shaman who is a powerful player controlled mouse capable of building various structures. Success in the level rests solely on this Shaman but your chances can be improved through the in game chat.


In order for players to be promoted to the Shaman they must reach the highest score within the current game room which can be filled with a small number of players to dozens at any one time.

Customisation is also central to the game with players able to customise their mice with currency earned for collecting cheese and alter their Shaman’s abilities once significant hours have been put into the game. This is surprisingly easy to do thanks to the multiple game modes and the use of community maps within the game.


  • A free online mouse themed game.
  • Play for hours on end with multiple game modes and community maps.
  • Raise to the rank of shaman and help your mouse friends.
  • Detailed stat records let you compare against others.
  • Play in your browser or download through Steam.



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