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  • Unique – Plenty of depth – Platform availability
  • Might prove too much of a learning curve for casual gamers

Triple Town is one of the more unique puzzle experiences around and will put your brain power to the ultimate test as you try to create a dream city. If you are tired of all the same puzzles in other games than Triple Town will be a welcomed breath of fresh air.


The game is free to play on Facebook, iOS and Android devices (supported by in app purchases) but is a paid to play game for PC and Mac. Purchasing the PC or Mac version though unlocks everything.

In Triple Town players will tackle a number of game maps that each have their own style and layout. Your job in each of them is to build the largest town possible (on behalf of The Empire). The better the town you build the more points you’ll get.

Gameplay revolves around the player connecting objects of the same type together (in groups of 3 or more). Players are in charge of placing an object into an empty space such as grass (your default) or higher tier items that you occasionally get to place. When enough similar objects are touching they will transform into something more valuable.

For example 3 pieces of grass will become a bush, which then become trees and eventually huts. This transformation continues all the way up into a castle with the game ending when all tiles on the game board are filled.


As if that wasn’t already hard enough the game will also throw bears at you which will block off your ability to match tiles, although if you are able to corner them they’ll turn into a tombstone which can be upgraded into a church.

The puzzle mechanic in Triple Town is simple but definitely falls into the hard to master category. You won’t have much success in your early games, I can guarantee it. However, you will slowly start to master the mechanics which is very rewarding when things start to fall into place.


  • A very unique puzzle experience.
  • Plenty of places to get your hands on a copy.
  • Definitely a game that is worthy of a ‘hard to master’ title.
  • Free on iOS and Android devices.
  • Show off your best scores to friends.



Review Platform: PC

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