Ultimate General: Civil War

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  • Civil war setting – Progression between battles
  • Some units are not useful at all – Some heavy scripted levels reduces freedom

Bringing strategy into the American Civil war with high level strategy, troop management, terrain consideration and officer progression systems Ultimate General: Civil War is a premier option for those seeking to explore America’s history in a strategy format.


Pulling important battles from history gives Ultimate General: Civil War a strong mix of well known battles (Malvern Hill, Gettysburg, Washington) and smaller key battles that don’t receive as much historical study. The ultimate result is over 50 battles that blend large and small scale battles with various resources, terrain and units to master.

Your role from battle to battle is the same as you command your army from the general position. Depending on your influence and previous successes your available troops may vary which goes hand in hand in keeping your soldiers alive so that their battle experience can assist you in your next battle. With this feature underpinning your decisions Ultimate General: Civil War gives you a real sense of a continuous war despite the self contained battles.

This system also extends to your officers which serve as commanders for your troops. As officers level up they’ll be able to lead larger groups of units while maintaining high efficiency. Just like anybody else on the battlefield your officers can become injured or killed in action which will have you seeking a replacement to rise through the ranks.


Interestingly Ultimate General: Civil War also gives you control over how much micromanagement you wish to utilise with innovative command tools that give you control over individual units if you wish. On the other hand though if you want an entire command entire divisions up a hill you can do so with a single click, relying instead on your battlefield generals to command troops. With decent AI on both sides of the war you’ll find your troops generally make the best decision they can.

For high level strategy in a war like setting few games capture the realism and progression that Ultimate General: Civil War brings to the genre.


  • Playthrough well known and less known battles of the civil war.
  • Command your units at a high level or micromanage more.
  • Gain new abilities and rank up your officers with each battle.
  • Impressive AI on both sides of the fight ensures a worthy battle.
  • Available across Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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