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  • Unique mixture of genres – Browser based – Lots of gameplay depth
  • Requires you to like both genres for best experience

Set in the 19th century Uptasia mixes the genres of hidden object games and economic simulation together. It’s an interesting mix that you probably haven’t run into before and well worth trying if you are on the hunt for a browser game that offers something different.


Players are put in charge of developing their own economic empire in Uptasia as you go from creating baked goods in your bakery to eventually expanding your production into other goods that you’ll sell to the ever growing population of the town.

Placing production buildings are the heart of the game with players having to carefully decide their next move on what to produce, what to build and what to upgrade. With careful planning you’ll be able to expand at a rapid pace. Between collecting resources and turning them into products to sell there is always something going on in the game with very small amounts of waiting in comparison to other games.

In between managing your empire players will get the opportunity to participate in hidden object puzzles games. With 60 seconds to track down a list of objects and points awarded for speed and accuracy (clicking on the wrong item will result in time being reduced) it’s a great way to break up the gameplay and reward for something you have direct control over.


Uptasia also offers a range of quests that will challenge you’re empire management skills and help guide your progression into the new age. The mix of gameplay offered by Uptasia is definitely unique with the two game types blended seamlessly together into the one offering. You’ll definitely want to be a fan of both genres to get the experience because of this though.

If you’re tired of all the medieval or farm based economic simulation games you’ll also find Uptasia to be a nice change in game setting.


  • Blend of hidden object games and economic simulation.
  • Lots of quests to drive your progress.
  • Manage your empire and sell various products to expand.
  • Unique 19th century theme.
  • Free to play on browser, Android and Windows (Steam).



Review Platform: PC

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