Valkyria Chronicles

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  • Very impressive game setting – Action and strategic combat system
  • Some minor combat issues that will get annoying by the end

Valkyria Chronicles is a very unique role playing game that blends shooting and strategy together. The game offers a thought provoking experience that will immerse you in the beautiful game world.


Valkyria Chronicles takes place in a World War II style era with the Europa continent being fought over by two powerful factions. This war is at its peak and puts players into the shoes of an unlikely hero that steps into the war after his neutral town is attacked. It’s up to the player to use cunning strategy and a hand-picked team of militia to protect everything that you hold dear.

Gameplay in Valkyria Chronicles blends the usual role playing elements with a tactical turn based combat system. This makes gameplay more enjoyable than other traditional turn based games so fans of more action will definitely appreciate the game.

At the start of each turn players will find themselves in the ‘Command Mode’ where they can view the battlefield. During this mode players will want to consider the position of your team, the enemy and various environmental features that are important to combat (such as trenches and sandbags). From here you can select an individual unit and take control of them in the action portion of the game that puts you control of movement and aiming.


Once you’ve completed the battle you’ll get the usual cache of experience and money that you would expect from an RPG experience. This experience is used to level up the different classes in the game instead of individual characters (since if an individual dies they are lost forever this prevents you from getting frustrated when a high level character dies as experience is past onto your new character within that class).

The setting for Valkyria Chronicles is masterfully crafted and really immerses you into the experience of war. Supported with the unique combat system it’s hard not to recommend the game.


  • A unique game in a war setting.
  • Brilliantly presented war world with a story that creates great immersion.
  • Combat blends strategy and action.
  • Create the ultimate fighting force from the different character options.
  • Only on PlayStation 3.



Review Platform: PC

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