A Valley Without Wind

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  • Unique – Lots to do
  • Learning curve can be overwhelming – Slow to start

A Valley Without Wind is a unique mix of several gaming genres with a focus on action adventure. In the game you’ll attempt to restore order to the world and save it from itself.


The game plays out as a 2D sidescroller and gives players a huge amount of freedom in how they approach the game world. Players are free to roam and develop their character how they want ensuring everybody has a different experience.

The possibilities are endless in A Valley Without Wind as you complete missions, learn powerful spells, uncover secret stashes, rescue people and rebuild your civilization. Of course the game has plenty of objectives and tips to help push you in the right direction.

Your ultimate objective is to defeat the evil overlord which players can battle at anytime (of course you won’t be able to defeat him anytime soon). In order to reach a powerful enough level you’ll have to build up your civilisation and arsenal of skills through exploration and questing. A Valley Without Wind is definitely a marathon to victory and not a sprint. Although some players might find that the game takes too long to warm up because of this.


A Valley Without Wind also uses a permanent death system which gives you a sense of just how hard making progress in this harsh world is. Death won’t strip you of your progression though and you’ll get to keep all of your inventory and skills but it does make reaching the harder treasure stashes of the game world a difficult task.

For players that want a sandbox experience with a huge amount of depth to explore they’ll find there is no shortage of hours to enjoy in A Valley Without Wind. If you aren’t the kind of player that can give a game some patience while it warms up though you might need to give it a miss.


  • Explore a weird, wacky and downright strange game setting.
  • Large number of enemies with different resistances.
  • Huge skill and item options for you to mix and match.
  • Play alone or with friends to increase your chances of success.
  • Permanent death lets you play as part of a lineage of adventurers.



Review Platform: PC

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