Vikings: War of Clans

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  • Great sound and art – Lots of depth and light RPG elements
  • Does little to counter pay to win elements

Vikings: War of Clans extends the Plarium franchise with another MMORTS game that takes the level of polish and strategy further than their past releases in this space. This time around as a departure from the medieval you’ll be taking control of your own viking tribe on browser, iOS and Android.


The opening of Vikings: War of Clans is exactly what you would expect with a viking warrior greeting you as Jarl (chieftain) and helping you create the basics for your viking empire. You’ll be introduced to building construction with the farm, lumber camp, mine and barracks while also learning the basics of the upgrade based knowledge system to provide you with powerful boosts in key game areas.

Unlike other free to play strategy titles that give you some free currency to speed up this early introduction process, Vikings: War of Clans opts for a feature that remains useful throughout the game. Said feature allows anything with an under 5 minute timer to be finished instantly for free, which does away with most waiting for your first few hours while also avoiding those annoying moments later on when you find yourself logging into your account just a little too early.

From here Vikings: War of Clans falls into the usual gameplay of the genre with resources of food, lumber, iron, stone and silver being generated from buildings, raids on PvE locations or attacking other players. All of these resources are then funnelled back into your Viking settlement and army in order to unlock more content.


While core mechanics are nothing new, Vikings: War of Clans achieves a great level of production values and depth in every element. The music is quite aesthetically pleasing and visually your settlement is quite striking and includes a number of animated characters going about their daily business.

While gameplay depth comes from the strong host of buildings, large knowledge tree to push your vikings into a particular strength and the hero system which lets you develop a hero with items and skills for the battlefield. Overall Vikings: War of Clans has plenty of content for fans of this genre to play over a substantial period of time.


  • High quality Plarium title.
  • Command a viking settlement as the ruling Jarl.
  • Conquer towns and raid them for resources.
  • Develop your own hero with items and skills.
  • Hundreds of knowledge items to research for powerful boosts.



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