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  • Mixture of tap and management gameplay
  • Waiting times quickly ramp up

Start from the ground floor and build up to the top in Virtual Beggar, a tap filled game where you’ll get to create a business empire on your device.


Players will be greeted with the Virtual Beggar tutorial upon first game load which runs you through the basics of giving yourself coins (by tapping the screen) and hiring workers to perform tasks in your office building.

While the early focus is on generating all your coins from tapping and the foot traffic that passes by (and are generous enough to throw you some coins) the game quickly becomes about managing and upgrading your work force so that they’ll generate coins for you that eventually overtakes what you can earn by crazily tapping. This gives Virtual Beggar a nice middle ground between management and tap game that helps newcomers to this clicker craze enjoy the experience.

Workers can belong to several occupations and you’ll have options like builders, cooks and scientists. By hiring these workers and assigning them a task players can generate some passive cashflow that doesn’t need your finger activity. These workers can also be assigned to study and level up to unlock better tasks that reward more coins on a per minute basis and means you won’t have to reassign them work every 5 minutes.

To give you that sense of progression Virtual Beggar has a wealth of upgrades that will improve the amount of coins you can generate with tapping, improve your chance of getting high value coins from the people that walk past and many improvements to the random temporary boosts that you’ll find.


There is also all sorts of clothing items for you to use although these often take a back seat to reinvesting your dollars in money generating workers or bonuses, especially since you won’t even be seeing your beggar for most of the game.

Virtual Beggar pushes its gameplay more towards management gameplay than clicker which will please people looking for something in between. The presentation is excellent but the discounted beggar customisation feels a bit pointless compared to the other fully fleshed out features.


  • Beg for coins on the street while hiring workers on the side.
  • Customise your beggar with items and even pets.
  • Train your workers to improve their money earning ability.
  • Tap on the screen to generate income.
  • Spend your hard earned cash to upgrade everything.



Review Platform: iOS

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