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  • Regular player rewards – Game sounds – Competitive framework
  • Simple game design – Little depth beyond ranking system

Join the military ranks in War Clicks as you click your way to victory. Playable within your browser War Clicks takes the idle genre into boot camp with a military themed game based around developing your own army of soldiers, jeeps, tanks, planes and ships while competing against the rest of the world for ranking bragging rights.


After introduction to General MasterClicker control is quickly handed over the to player with a standard idle clicker interface greeting players. This side of the game (referred to as boot camp) is where you’ll recruit your soldiers and military units for Power Points (PP). The more of each unit you have the more PP that group of unit will generate which allows you to buy even more or invest in upgrades that make PP generation or automatic or more efficient to content with the upgrade loop.

Other features of the Boot Camp include resetting your progress to provide permanent boosts and the ability to convert your PP directly to score or Battle Stars which tie into the War Zone element of the game.

Your motivation to continue to progress through this loop is right in front of you at the bottom of the screen which shows the number of PP to the next rank with top players unlocking production rewards. Similarly on the other side of the game (the War Zone) you’ll find a similar ranking system that encourages you to continuously progress for yourself and your country.


This War Zone represents the other half of gameplay in War Clicks and features a similar combat mechanic to other clicker titles. In this component you’ll be clicking as fast as possible (or relying on the built in auto clicker) to damage enemy units to earn score and climb the ranks. Similar to Boot Camp a currency (Battle Stars) is earned here and can be spent to improve your damage and thus efficiency.

Despite its simple design War Clicks manages to be highly addictive with the addition of competitive rankings that translate into long term benefits, with a healthy community of tens of thousands of players behind it as well the competition can be fierce.


  • Army themed idle/clicker game.
  • Focus on competitive solo and country ratings.
  • Be an economic powerhouse through PP or click your way up the rankings in the War Zone.
  • Tens of thousands of players.
  • Check in daily for regular rewards.



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