Watch Dogs

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  • Impressive world – Gives lots of control to the player – Moments of brilliance
  • Bugs bring down the experience – Gets bland quickly

Watch Dogs puts you in the driving seat with a rich open world adventure where you decide on the direction that the story, your character and the world around you takes.


Set in a fictional Chicago players will step into the role of a hacker who seeks revenge. With the option to either take revenge through the law or to work around it you’ll find two paths ahead of you with plenty of overlap in between to create your own story.

Exploring the city streets by foot and car players will complete all sorts of main quests while also having the option to take on side work. Along the way you’ll be developing and improving the skills of the main character (Aiden) to ultimately give you access to more gameplay options.  It’s a formula that the Grand Theft Auto series has definitely perfected and made popular in recent years and one that Watch Dogs follows to the letter.

Where Watch Dogs differs though is through hacking, a mechanic that is central to the entire game. Many of the games objectives will require the player to hack some sort of electronic device to either give them an edge against a foe or gather important information on their quest for revenge.

This sort of hacking ability automatically takes the gameplay down a more stealth based route as you use it to sneak past guards, create diversions and eliminate enemies. For those that prefer a more direct approach to gameplay there is still plenty of opportunities to shoot up a scene but it almost feels like it goes against the intention of the game.


In addition to the single player experience Watch Dogs offers strong multiplayer opportunities which span several game modes. It definitely adds a few more hours to your experience which can easily span three digit hours depending on the amount of free roaming you do.

The game does fall short of what might have been in some areas with some hard hitting bugs and the odd bland gameplay sneaking in but overall Watch Dogs is an impressive free roaming third person game with some interesting elements that definitely make it worth a purchase.


  • Drive the story in the direction that you want.
  • Use hacking, parkour and stealth to your advantage.
  • Follows the Grand Theft Auto formula closely.
  • Explore a fictional Chicago on foot and by car.
  • Develop your character with plenty of freedom.



Review Platform: PC

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