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  • Exploration elements – Range of items and activities
  • Aged poorly (graphics in particular) – Only 10 animals feels shallows

Wildlife Camp is the ideal game for animal lovers with nearly a dozen different animals to interact with, care for and train. Available for Windows and released back in 2010 the title does show some age, but that won’t detour real animal fans.


The game revolves around players discovering various animal species and generally nursing them back to health from their injuries or other illness. Due to the setting of the game (Africa) the majority of encounters are fairly exotic with animals like lions, hippos, monkeys and elephants. These aren’t just handed to players on a silver platter either with helicopters, vehicles and even boats all being used to explore the landscape.

Customisation is also a key game element with players able to deck out their own character (male or female) with a variety of clothing items and even customise their rescued animals with little accessories.

This isn’t the only direct interaction you’ll have with animals either with an emphasis on caring and training. This includes cleaning animals, examining them to keep them in top health and even training them using one of a dozen possible methods. These mechanics are supported with over 40 different items to ensure good variety in Wildlife Camp.


On top all the animal interaction players are also charged with improving their wildlife camp which expands with time but also needs to be carefully managed. Once combined with the near endless missions and adventures which have random animal encounters players always feel like they have an activity to engage in.

Wildlife Camp might not have aged gracefully but the gameplay and animal interactions are still of a high quality and a unique take on the animal and management genre.


  • Manage your own wildlife ranch in Africa.
  • Rescue a variety of sick animals and bring them back to full health.
  • Customise your character and animals.
  • Explore using 3 vehicles and find animals at random.
  • Use over 40 tools and 12 training techniques.



Review Platform: PC

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