World in Conflict

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  • Different strategy experience – Military and tactical focus
  • Lack of base building won't appeal to everyone

World in Conflict is a tactical strategy game that puts you in control of the Soviet Union in a military focused experience. The game was launched in 2007 with an expansion pack in 2009 which were combined together in a Complete Edition.


Set in an alternate timeline branching from 1989 where the Soviet Union decides to pursue a military course to stay as one of the world’s dominating super powers. This adventure will take you from Russia to Europe and the United States so there is a good amount of variety to enjoy. It’s a very story heavy experience as you jump from engagement to engagement under the orders of your military leader.

During this campaign players take control of First Lieutenant Parker as he commands units on the battlefield. Unlike more traditional real time strategy games where players are in charge of building a base and spending resources effectively World in Conflict puts you in charge of smaller team of units.

In order to achieve success players need to carefully command their troops forward (which can be infantry, tanks or aircraft) and use the support tools at their disposal. This includes calling in additional units, artillery strikes and more. You’ll also find that each unit comes with their own special abilities which need to be carefully managed in addition to the other tricks up your sleeve.


It’s definitely different but helps you focus on the action and will appeal to those that aren’t a fan of the long drawn out base building of other games. There is still more than enough strategy in this action packed experience and cuts a lot of the fluff in the process.

Multiplayer is also available in the game but does change up the formula to make it work with multiplayer players. Uniquely the game supports up to 16 players which is a lot more than your standard real time strategy experience.


  • Battle across the globe in tactical fashion.
  • Great variety of units to enjoy.
  • Support for up to 16 players in multiplayer.
  • Plenty of warfare strategy.
  • Only on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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