XING: The Land Beyond

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  • Puzzles ramp up slowly – Impressive graphics
  • Limited music variety – Slow story elements

Focusing on the land of the spirits XING: The Land Beyond has you starting your adventure after your death. While you might be dead the journey is just beginning as you uncover stories, puzzles, artefacts and all sorts of other secrets.


Set in a fantasy world XING: The Land Beyond focuses on the journey you take through the afterlife, featuring no combat and instead orientated around puzzles, that will test your logic and creativity. All of this is wrapped in a framework of accessibility with no time constraints to your adventure and also support for colour blindness and even VR.

Starting off dead in an adventure game has its benefits with players need not worrying about death in the traditional sense. It also allows the game to do away with realism as is evident of your starting location that surrounds you with portals that allow you to access days long gone.

Each of these portals tell the story of a hero or heroine long past with logical puzzles pushing you further and further into the mysterious story. All in all there are four such worlds to enter with an overarching story underlying your actions.

Like most puzzle adventure games the variety across the game is vast with settings include a South American jungle, a desert, an Asian mountain and an island in the middle of the Pacific. Across of all of these locations the setting is realistic and lively with great 3D environments and models bringing them to life. The music accompanying each of these locations is also varied and assists in setting the tone for your adventure brilliantly.


A great puzzle game is more than just visuals though and XING: The Land Beyond does not drop the ball here either with tantalising puzzles that slowly ramp up the difficultly to ensure you feel well equipped in tackling each. A common mechanic is the use of items (only one at a time) along with day/night and weather cycles.

Collecting items also extends to artefacts and runes which give you another sub objective and can enhance the core game by unlocking additional content.


  • Explore the afterlife with XING.
  • Collect artefacts and runes to expand the story.
  • 4 varied portals and landscapes to explore.
  • Large range of puzzles and difficulties.
  • For Windows and PlayStation 4 with VR support.



Review Platform: PC

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