Year Walk

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  • Atmosphere – Swedish theme
  • Game can end fairly quickly making the price point high

Playing as Daniel Svensson as he visits his lover, Stina and engaging in the Swedish traditional of the Year Walking is an abstract adventure with light horror elements appropriately named Year Walk.


Designed for iOS and later coming to Windows/Mac and Wii U your journey sees you attempting to do the risky affair of a Year Walk after Stina warns you against it, having had her cousin die from such activity. Said Year Walk requires players to head to a church and face supernatural beings for look into the future.

On your way to the church though players encounter a range of mythical creatures that all have basis in Swedish folklore. Creatures such as the Huldra, Mylings, Night Raven and Church Grim all make an appearance at one point of the uniquely Swedish themed adventure. Whether or not players see into the future and what they see is for your discover, along with an alternative ending.

Pairing perfectly with the above setting is a dark atmosphere that pulls together the supernatural, Swedish country side (snow included) into a gripping experience that grabs hold early and seldom lets go. Outside of this atmosphere Year Walk functions just like any other adventure game with players moving between a 2D and 3D blend of environmental elements.


Split into separate game maps each of these is layered like a story book which does take some getting used to although once mastered feels perfectly designed for your adventure. Within these locations and between advancing the story you’ll have to overcome puzzles that generally revolve around finding certain things or completing a series of events to trigger something.

For fans of the sub genre of atmosperhic puzzle adventures Year Walk’s atmosphere puts it undoubtedly in the top percentile.


  • Discover Swedish folklore and the Year Walk.
  • Impressive dark atmosphere.
  • Solve puzzles to advance forward to your Year Walk.
  • Alternative ending hidden within the game.
  • Unique storybook like design.



Review Platform: PC

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