Yummy Mania

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  • Yummy gameplay – Colourful design – Lots of levels
  • Little innovation

Yummy Mania is a match 3 puzzle game featuring yummy sweets, colourful graphics and hundreds of levels. It’s got all the ingredients that have made other games like Candy Crush Saga popular in this space and is sure to entertain fans of this genre for hours on end.


As you progress through the hundreds of levels that the game has to offer you’ll get to enjoy a variety of delicious themes while helping Emily defeat the Piquant Monkey who loves to steal sweets. Each level will have different requirements to pass the level which ensures there is plenty of variety from one level to the next to keep you entertained.

You’ll find that the difficulty in Yummy Mania increases at a nice steady pace by introducing new obstacles and higher level requirements to consistently test your matching skills. Every time you can beat a level you’ll be rewarded with fruit based on your performance which you can spend to help on future levels.

As you would expect from a game in this genre players will be able to clear each level much faster by making matches of 4 or 5 sweets to help clear the game board and cause chain reactions. For those levels that you get truly stuck on you’ll also find a number of handy boosts are available. Boosts include the cake shovel which can remove a single tile, the gingerbread man who will remove an entire line and many other handy boosts.


Your Facebook friends can also lend a helping hand by giving you lives and boosters to keep you playing Yummy Mania for longer. Friends also add a great competitive element to the game as you try to outscore each other on the many levels for bragging rights.

Yummy Mania is definitely a yummy addition to the match 3 puzzle genre and worth installing on your device if you’re a puzzle matching addict.


  • Match yummy sweets.
  • Hundreds of levels with plenty of variety across different themes.
  • Bright graphics and enjoyable sounds bring the game to life.
  • Connect with friends for help and friendly competition.
  • Use boosts to get past the difficult game levels.



Review Platform: Android

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  1. im on 220+ level of Yummy Mania. It won’t let me back in. What do I do???
    I really like this game because of the challenges presented. I don’t want to start over!!!
    Please help me


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