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  • Yummy colourful gameplay with smooth controls and graphics which create a high quality offering in the crowded genre
  • Vast range of levels with various obstacles and unique designs to each level
  • Offers no innovation to the match three genre following the formula established by predecessors to the letter

Yummy Mania is a match 3 puzzle game featuring yummy sweets, colourful graphics and hundreds of levels which aims to surpass other titles in the genre and be the cream that rises to the top. Yummy Mania has all the ingredients that have made other games like Candy Crush Saga popular in this space and is sure to entertain fans of this genre for hours on end as they progress through the hundreds of colourful and unique level designs.


Joining your Yummy Mania adventure is Emily, a bubbly character that seeks to defeat the Piquant Monkey who loves to steal sweets from others in the Yummy Mania universe. This universe which is comprised of hundreds of levels has each new level housing a different requirement to pass the level and ensures Yummy Mania is more than just a matching similar shaped sweets and requires some forethought to ensure you can tick off the requirement.

That being said Yummy Mania starts with the basics as is typical for the niche and slowly builds on mechanics and ties them in closely with level requirements to give players a sense of progression throughout the adventure as levels are conquered. A nice touch in this regard is the award of fruit when a level is completed which is based on your performance and can be used via the boost mechanics to help players on future levels if they become stuck and unable to progress. For a match three puzzle veteran though it’s unlikely you’ll be leveraging this mechanic until well into the Yummy Mania levels.


Adopting standard mechanics around matches of four and five sweets players will be able to beat levels significantly faster by leveraging these matches over the typical three match. This is due to the additional sweets contributing to chain reactions across the game board by clearing entire sections, rows or columns and potentially creating delicious combos with a bit of pre-setup and luck.

This is supported through the generic boosts that can be applied during any level but have limited uses such as the cake shovel for removing a particular pesky tile or the appropriately themed gingerbread man who can take away an entire line of sweets amongst other boosts.


Standard Facebook integration is also present within Yummy Mania to offer another avenue to access boosters or additional lives through the support of your Facebook friends. While this serves as a co-operation mechanic it also allows for competition to thrive with Yummy Mania leader boards being populated by your Facebook friends.

Despite the lack of innovation to the genre Yummy Mania is a sweet addition to the match three puzzle genre and its high production values make it difficult to pass up if you’re a puzzle matching addict.


  • Match yummy sweets across hundreds of levels each with their own level requirements.
  • Different themes and mechanics to master which are slowly introduced overtime.
  • Colourful graphics and crisp sound effects bring the game to life with high production value.
  • Connect with friends for help and friendly competition through Facebook integration.
  • Use theme appropriate boosts (e.g. gingerbread man) to get past difficult levels.



Review Platform: Android

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  1. im on 220+ level of Yummy Mania. It won’t let me back in. What do I do???
    I really like this game because of the challenges presented. I don’t want to start over!!!
    Please help me


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