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  • Fun sport game modes – Interesting tracks
  • Lacks multiplayer community – Tracks are unique but don't test your driving skills

Borrowing the Mario Kart formula but adding in unique game modes such as Goal and Sumo Zero Gear is a cheaper option for groups of friends looking to get some kart mania action on PC.


Developed by NimbleBit back in 2010 the game has support for up to 8 players although you’ll find it hard to find an active game without some fore thought in the community section or a bunch of friends. This doesn’t detract too heavily though with the bots proving a decent adversary.

At the centre of the game is the typical race mode that sees you racing against others as you collect power ups such as love seeking bots, shields, tornadoes and more. Customising your kart is also important to make your kart and driver feel like your own as you’re firing off power ups at enemies or scoring goals in Goal mode. Options include things like face wear, gear, helmet and the details on your car.

At the heart of Zero Gear it’s an ideal LAN party game as you battle across the available game modes and scream at your friends as they knock you out in Sumo mode or overtake you in the core racing mode. Control wise you’ve got your standard accelerator combined with a nitro boost that charges over time and by drafting behind other karts along with a small jump.


Tracks come in 15 different forms and while they won’t test your driving skills too heavily they do have the odd jump ramp to make them interesting for the two to three laps. They aren’t shy on great design creativity either with the lives of a water slide and billiard table.

Zero Gear could really benefit from a cup series to expand on it’s single player offering but is still a worthy purchase with a few friends or those looking that don’t mind lining up against bots.


  • A Mario Kart style game with sport game modes.
  • Customise your racer.
  • Play against bots, friends and random players.
  • 15 unique and fun tracks.
  • Available for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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